IT Teaching Workshop Carlson School of Management


IT Teaching Workshop

Carlson School of Management,
University of Minnesota
May 22-23, 2014

IT Teaching Workshop for 2014 will be hosted by the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota from May 22-23, 2014. The event will start on Thursday the 22nd with a reception and will conclude on Friday, May 23rd. Sessions will be held at the Executive Development Center in the Carlson School, 321 19th Ave. S., Mpls. MN 55455 - 2nd floor, Enter Main door 2-250 and proceed to Room 2-260T.

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Morning Webcast 8:20am-Noon

Afternoon Webcast 1:45pm-4:30pm

Detailed information

Thursday, May 22
Carlson School Dining Room

Directions for Thursday:
Walk across 19th Ave. and enter in the North side of the Carlson School building. Immediately, after entering the doors, take left down the stairs and through the double doors. Proceed down the hall to the windows-go slightly right and then immediate left to the far room by the windows.

IT Teaching Workshop Schedule

Friday, May 23
8:20-8:30amOpening Remarks
Teaching Innovations
8:30-8:50am Tech Forecasting in Executive Education
Chris Forman
8:55-9:15am Design of an Online MBA IS Core Course
Nelson Granados
9:20-9:40am Flipped Cases in the Classroom
Soumya Sen
9:40-9:50am Coffee Break
9:50-10:10am What We Can Learn from Monetizing Freemium
Ravi Bapna
10:15-10:35am Gamifying the Classroom
Karthik Kannan
10:40-11:00am Value Disciplines and Business Models
Roy Jones
11:00-12:00pm Managing Masters Programs in Data Analytics
Ramnath Chellappa, Vallabh Sambamurthy, Chris Forman, Gedas Adomavicius, Sunil Wattal
12:00-1:30pm Lunch
CSOM Executive Education Center
Games, Simulations & Other Teaching Tools
1:45-2:05pm'Yellowdig': A Social Influence Based Learning Platform
Shaunak Roy
2:10-2:30pm Teaching with Games
Hemant Bhargava + Niraj Kumar
2:35-2:55pm'2-Sided Competition' Game @
Avi Seidmann
2:55-3:10pm Coffee Break
3:10-3:30pm Simulation with Databases
Akhmed Umyarov
3:30-3:55pm Big Data Analytics with Hadoop
Ramesh Sankaranarayanan
3:55-4:20pmTeaching Analytics with SAS Enterprise Miner
Sunil Wattal
4:20-4:30pmClosing Remarks

Directions for Friday:
Enter in the North side of the Carlson School building. Immediately, after entering the doors, take a right up the stairs-then go immediate right around the corner into the School. Proceed down the hallway and it is the first door on the left- Front door to the Executive Center- Room 2-250. After entering 2-250, proceed towards the left and halfway down the hallway to the room on right hand side - Room "T".
Option 2- Elevator
Enter the North side door-Keep going forward and through the next set of glass doors and proceed down the hallway. Take a left at the "T"; to go to the elevators. One floor up, 2nd floor-go right after stepping out and take the first right and go to 2-250-first door on the right.


For details related to the Conference please contact Donna / 612-624-9520

Vegetarian/Dietary requests, please enter in the feedback box along with the registration.

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To reserve rooms at the Courtyard Marriott Minneapolis, 1500 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis, Mn 55454. Guests are welcome to call in and make reservations at the UMN rate of $134. 1-877-699-3216 Or Just be sure to request the UMN rate!


Directions from the 19th Ave. Parking ramp
Proceed through the skyway from the ramp (3rd floor of the ramp) and continue into the Carlson School around the corner towards the right (entrance from the skyway-3rd floor is the entrance to the 2nd floor of the Carlson School) and a short way down the hallway go in the first door on the left. This is the entrance to the Executive Center, Room 2-250. After entering 2-250, proceed towards the left down the hall to Room 2-260R on the right.

Light Rail- Cedar Station
Carlson School -Cross 19th Ave. on the West side of the Carlson building and go to Riverside Ave. then to Cedar Ave. At Cedar Ave. (take a left) Follow Cedar (North) to S. 6th St. (four way traffic stop) Take a right onto S. 6th St. (On your right is Riverside Plaza). Follow S. 6th St. to S. 16th Ave. (On the right is Riverside Plaza rental office) Go to the left on S. 16th Ave. and proceed to the light rail tracks.

Workshop Organizers:

Gautam Ray

Gordon Burtch

Soumya Sen

Carlson School of Management University of Minnesota


    Gedas Adomavicius
    University of Minnesota
    Ravi Bapna
    University of Minnesota
    Hemant Bhargava
    UC Davis
    Joseph Budu
    University of Ghana
    Gordon Burtch
    University of Minnesota
    Ramnath Chellappa
    Emory University
    Chung Dalsang
    Governors State University
    Sanjeev Dewan
    UC Irvine
    David Green
    Governors State University
    Matt Finley
    University of Minnesota
    Chris Forman
    Georgia Tech
    Nelson Granados
    Pepperdine University
    Alok Gupta
    University of Minnesota
    Vijay Gurbaxani
    UC Urvine
    Yili Hong
    Temple University
    Roy Jones
    Simon School of Business, University of Rochester
    Karthik Kannan
    Niraj Kumar
    Brian Lee
    University of Connecticut
    Sunil Mithas
    University of Maryland
    Gal Oestreicher-Singer
    Tel Aviv University
    Jui Ramaprasad
    McGill University
    Narayan Ramasubbu
    University of Pittsburgh
    Gautam Ray
    University of Minnesota
    Ching Ren
    University of Minnesota
    Vallabh Sambamurthy
    Michigan State University
    Ramesh Sankaranarayanan
    Michigan State University
    Ryan Sougstad
    Augustana College
    Sumantra Sarkar
    Georgia State University
    Abraham Seidmann
    Simon Business School
    Soumya Sen
    University of Minnesota
    Mani Subramani
    University of Minnesota
    Emmanuelle Vaast
    McGill University
    Sunil Wattal
    Temple University

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