WISE 2016

The 27th Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (WISE) will be held in Dublin, Ireland at the Conrad Dublin hotel,on December 14-16, 2016.WISE is the premier academic research forum for the discussion of information systems issues through the lens of economics. We expect researchers at WISE 2016 to bring forth cutting-edge research that studies how IT, in all its forms, addresses important business and societal questions. Modern IT enabled phenomena have wide ranging impacts for consumers, firms, industries, and markets, making this a fascinating time to be an economics of IS researcher.

We welcome new and interesting research on topics ranging from, but not limited to:
  • Business value of IT
  • IT, productivity and organizational complements
  • Economic value of enterprise IT
  • Societal value of IT
  • The role of social media within enterprises
  • Social media marketing
  • Omni-channel marketing and digital attribution
  • Peer influence
  • Viral marketing and incentive schemes
  • Mobile - penetration, societal benefit, and user generated content
  • Mobile marketing and contextual frictions
  • Location and geography in IS of economics
  • Electronic markets and online auctions
  • Digitization of social processes such as dating and friendship
  • Fundamental constructs of human behavior from the online social graph
  • Digital goods related issues from pricing to bundling to versioning
  • Digital piracy and IP protection
  • Human capital issues and economics of IT labor
  • Open innovation, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing
  • Outsourcing and offshoring of IT and IT enabled services (BPO)
  • Antitrust and intellectual property rights in IT
  • Platform competition, standards and two sided networks
  • IT in healthcare
  • Network externalities in digital products and services
  • Methodological advances in identifying causal linkages
  • Predictive modeling in economics of IS
  • Machine learning in economics of IS

The above mentioned issues could be analyzed using analytical, empirical, experimental, computational or a combination of these methodolgies.

Organization Committee:
Gordon Burtch (University of Minnesota), Sinan Aral (MIT), Gal Oestreicher-Singer (Tel Aviv University, Rahul Telang (CMU)