Webcast Events

The MISRC webcast events are made available to the MISRC Corporate Partners and members of the University of Minnesota. The MISRC webcasts are currently servicing the Seminar Series events, however they can be made available for other MISRC events, such as Symposia. The webcast events are streamed video of the speaker's presentation, with their accompanying slides that change automatically. In addition to seeing live webcast events, Corporate Partners can view the archived webcasts from previous seminars.

Live: http://www.misrc.umn.edu/webcast/live
Archive: http://www.misrc.umn.edu/webcast/archive

Webcast Registration is Online!

Registration for Corporate Partners via webcast is now available online. This will make it easier for our Corporate Partners to register and allow us to maintain more detailed attendance reports. Webcast attendees will need the username and password that is displayed in their registration confirmation to view live and archived webcasts. The username and password will also be emailed to registered attendees several days before the live event. Please view the archived webcasts to test and make sure everything is working properly before the live events.

Webcast Frequently Asked Questions

The presentation doesn't appear. If it's a live presentation, it may not have started on time. Also, if you have accessed the webcast page early, the webcast software may have hung. Please restart your webbrowser and access the webcast again.

Why don't I see any video in the video window? The presentation may be audio only, or you may not have the current version of Windows Media Player installed.

What should I do if I don't have the correct version of Windows Media Player? To install the latest version of Windows Media Player, go to the Windows Media download site.

I can see the presentation but I cannot here sound. If you are having this problem there are a few possible solutions. First is try closing and reopening your browser. If you still don't hear sound, please e-mail us to verify that we are broadcasting sound. If we confirm that we are broadcasting the sound and you still cannot hear anything, it may because of bandwidth limitations in your building, you may be able to hear the audio if you watch the presentation later after is has been archived.

If you have any further technical questions please e-mail misrc@csom.umn.edu

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