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One of the cornerstones of the MISRC's offerings in the research area is its research Symposia. These are special research events that are intended to be of national and international interest to active researchers and university faculty, and industrial professionals in the MISRC's Corporate Partners Program and from around the country, who are digging into new ideas for their organizations. The model that is used in developing Research Symposium topics relies heavily on the research interests of specific faculty and the extent to which coverage of a selected topic aligns with our TIES Strategy. We typically partner with leading alums of our PhD Program, and well-recognized researchers from other research centers, universities, and business and public sector organizations.

Previous Symposia:

- 5/11/2013

IS Big Ten Symposium
- 5/5/2012

Big Ten Symposium
- 5/23/2006

2nd Statistical Challenges in E-Commerce Research Symposium
- 5/14/2005

Gordon B. Davis Research Symposium
- 4/30/2005

Big 10 IS Research Symposium
- 8/28/2004

MISRC/CRITO Symposium on the Digital Divide 'The Impact of the Digital Divide on Management and Policy: Determinants and Implications of Unequal Access to Information Technology'
- 3/15/2003

Symposium on Knowledge Management
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