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Date: December 1, 2006

Holiday MISRC Corporate Partners Breakfast Meeting

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•  Update and general discussion on our current various activities with Corporate Partners and the MIS Research Center.

•  Input welcome regarding seminar topics, relationships and activities from your perspective in which we could be of assistance.

•  Identify specific next steps.

•  The IDSc (Information & Decision Sciences) Strategic focus plan.

Location: Carlson School Professional Dining Room - (Directions from the 19th Ave. Parking ramp-Proceed through the skyway from the ramp and take the steps off to the right immediately as you enter into the Carlson Building down to the first floor. Continue down the next flight of stairs through the double doors to the Lower level of the Carlson Building . Take the first right by the courtyard windows and immediately go through the first set of doors to the Dining room and to the 2 nd set of doors back by the windows.

Second Option: Carlson School elevator. Directions from the 19th Ave. Parking ramp-Go through the skyway into the Carlson School and continue to the right as you enter the Carlson School down the hallway, proceed to the left at the first hallway. Take the elevator to the lower level and step to the left and go to the first hallway and take a left and proceed through the Carlson School to the Dining room by the courtyard/windows on the right hand side.

*Note- This is a different dining room than the usual EABC meetings. However, it is located very close in the Carlson Building .

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