Faculty Biographies


The MISRC is the showcase for the research activities of the faculty and doctoral students of the Information and Decision Sciences (IDSc) department, and its research projects, and visiting faculty and research associates. The research is aimed at creating new managerial knowledge involving the application of information systems and information technologies to form the core strategic, operational, and infrastructure capabilities of firms and markets.

Akmed Umyarov
Alok Gupta
De Liu
Ed McFowland
Gautam Ray
Gediminas Adomavicius
Gordon Burtch
Jason Chan
Mani Subramani
Panagiotis (Panos) Adamopoulo
Ravi Bapna
Shawn Curley
Sofia Bapna
Soumya Sen
Yuqing Ren


The IDSc Department and faculty research covers a number of different research areas, including:

  • Technology-focused, technical, and design science research;
  • Information, decision making, and decision sciences-related research;
  • Economics of IS and IT and electronic commerce, and management science research involving technology and the various academic disciplines represented in schools of management;
  • Strategy and technology, organizational issues, and behavioral IS research.

Taken together, these research areas are representative of the strategic directions of the IDSc Department in its research and its teaching: IS TIES -- for Technology, Information, Economics, and Strategy. This strategy is intended to articulate a vision for the department's key activities. They are related to IS and IT first, but also tie into the various academic disciplines represented in schools of management and industry. This strategy is also intended to distinguish and build upon the areas of the faculty's high competency in research.

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